A growing home business has been created by transgender (TGirls) working at home with just their webcam. It is reported that an average 2 hour chat session can earn most girls an estimate £100 – £200 per day.

One of the biggest service providers in this market claims a 50% share of this market and has 10,000’s of people wanting to view TGirl webcams earning them £1.00 a minute for just chatting.

Adult Work - earn Some Big Money offering your webcam services all software supplied make £100's per day

Adultwork who offer this service require you to upload a simple profile, a bio about yourself and you can set your own view per minute charges (Averages about £1.00 – £1.50 a minute). Adultwork provide the simple software and explain how easy it is to get earning (5 minute software setup!!), they say all you need is a PC, a webcam and an internet connection.

For those girls wanting to earn a good little home income take a look and see how simple it is for yourself, visit the Adultwork website – discreet monthly payment by cheque or BACS – what more could you ask.