Human hair wigs Manhattan (and worldwide) are ‘all the rage’ these days. Of course wigs are nothing new. They have been worn by aristocrats & royalty for hundreds of years. Many of America’s founding fathers wore them and British judges & lawyers still wear those formal white long hair pieces.

Why in the world would they use those old white wigs that do not even look like real hair? Well, this may surprise you, but there is some actual reasoning behind the ritual. First, the white is to be representative of white hair that comes with living long — which also comes with wisdom. You will notice only the court officers (judge and attorneys) wear them. It puts them in a more important light. It is also a bit like wearing your best suit for church. It is a way of showing that they are respectful of the institution of the court.

There’s an even better question that you should ask: Why do so many ordinary individuals go around in synthetic, cheap wigs that are obviously fake hair? The majority of these individuals want everybody to think it is their real hair, but anyone who is paying attention will easily spot the truth.

Quite a few years ago, these were the kind of wigs you saw Dolly Parton and Oprah wear a lot. That woman on the Christian TV network, Jan Crouch, still wears them. How obvious are these kinds of wigs? They are as blatant as a bad toupee that makes you wonder if a squirrel died on the man’s head. When it comes to hair pieces, truer words were ever spoken, than, ‘You get what you pay for’.

Bad wigs are made with a cap that is similar to a burlap sack. Then synthetic hair is attached to it. To make a list of advantages they have over good wigs, there is only the one thing that jumps out: they cost less money. A possible second quality is there is less maintenance, because they hold the shape they were made in.

That actually is not good at all, because it means that you can not change ‘your hair’ style. You have a choice: either wear the same hair style for the rest of your life, or get a new bad wig, every time you want a new style.

A good wig starts with a monofilament cap. It appears authentic, even if someone looks up close, where the hair comes out, it looks just like your scalp. The hair is high quality human hair that has the out layer, cuticle still on each hair. It’s feels and looks real because it is real. You can style it & change it, just like your own hair. Jennifer Garner, who starred in the TV show, Alias, popularized these realistic wigs, every week on the show. Beyonce Knowles and Tyra Banks have also been responsible for making these high quality human hair wigs Manhattan, extremely popular.

human hair wigs Manhattan

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