Every gay person will face the option of coming out to parents at some stage during their lives. This can be a very emotional decision and as a gay person you should prepare yourself for this.

There is no use having this very important talk with them if you are still unsure about your own sexual orientation. Do not blurt out a half-truth, but rather explain to them that have an attraction to people of the same sex and ask them for their support and advice; This way you get your parents on your side right from the early stages of coming out.

But if you are sure of your choice, have an open and frank discussion about it rather sooner than later in your life. This will give you the freedom to be totally yourself at home. Choose you timing well and rather wait until you can share this information at a time when everybody concerned is in a relaxed mindset.

Try and talk to your parents on your own, even if your lover wants to be there as well. This will give them the opportunity to speak freely about what they feel and ask you the questions that may bother them. Having a lover present often leads to closed up conversations that may even turn towards your parents blaming the other person.

Do not fool yourself, your parents will react, but you know them well enough to know how they will react. Many of them will hug you and tell you they are glad you finally settled with them as they suspected all along.

Answer all their questions as truthful as you can. They will probably fear for your health as a gay lifestyle and HIV still gets connected. Assure your parents that you are a responsible adult that knows all there is to know about safe sex.

Remember that no church or religion may banish you because of who you are and should this be part of your coming out, treat the subject with care but do not get thrashed about this, God loves every person he made.

Agree to their terms and conditions as far as the rules they set where their house is concerned. Very few parents will throw open the doors to lovers, but given time, they will get to know your lover and before you know it he or she will get that personal invite to visit.

Be patient with yourself, your parents as well as the whole coming out process. Every one concerned will have a lot to think about and work through, so take care not force emotions and acceptance. Time will bring resolutions.

Most gay men clearly understand that there are multiple stages of coming out. One of the most challenging of those is coming out to fathers and mothers and other family members. With practice, it usually goes just fine.