Japan Open First Cross Dressing Maid Cafe in Akiba – Floating Cafe a Big Success

The New Cross dressing Floating Maid Cafe opens in Akiba – Japan, It seems that the Japanesse people have the knack of embracing new culture, entertainment and Gender Equality with open arms. The new Floating cafe which is staffed by women wearing maids outfits and TGirls serving customers with coffee and meals is proving a big hit in the area.

Crossdressing Maids Cafe Opens in Akihabara

Crossdressing Maids Cafe Opens in Akihabara

Japan recently opened, what they call, butler cafes which was the opposite of the maid cafes serving mainly women with food but staffed by well dressed and elegant butlers with the English reserve rather like taking a trip to the London Ritz and being waiting upon hand and foot.

Now the new Maid Cafe’s (Hibari-kei’s), which is a floating cafe, is staffed by male waiters who are cross dressed . The main clientele of the new cross dressing maids cafes are a general unisex mix and to date it has been a great success in the area and a positive step forward for japans crossdressing and trans gender community. The cafe is staffed mainly by local cross dressing business men who work in good jobs in the hi-tech and IT companies based locally around the Akihabara business and industrial area, they are professional males by day and transformed, as very attractive female maids dressed fully in realistic and sexy maids uniforms, from suits to sexy french maids in the evening and work in the cafe.

The website of the cafe – Hibari-kei’s – is definitely worth a visit as all the crossdressing maids have their own profiles and some with links to personal blogs – visit our crossdressing website here.

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