We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life of work, family and other commitments sometimes. If you are gay or bi-sexual you may find you have an increased need for peace and understanding if you have experienced discrimination in your life. So where are the best places to go for gay retreats and what can you expect when you get there?

There are a variety of different types of gay retreats you can experience. There are many organized retreats that you can go on that feature seminars, yoga, meditation and many other activities. If you would prefer to be a little more independent then there are a number of travel companies that organize vacations away to various gay friendly locations.

If thought provoking and informative seminars, lectures and workshops are what you are looking for then you could try Hamilton Hall. This beautiful building is the only gay run and gay owned center for retreats in the whole of Europe and also offers party weekends. This means it is ideally suited for both party animals and those seeking peace and education.

For a natural beauty spot that will allow you to find tranquility and peace you can’t go far wrong with Noosa Cove which is situated in North Queensland, on the coast. The area offers unspoilt sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing. The national park is perfect for nature lovers and fans of natural beauty as it features forests, bushland and lakes that are full of animals and birds.

Whether you like your luxury or prefer your surroundings a little more simple and rustic there will be an organized retreat to suit you. There are retreats that run any number of sorts of programmes from erotic exploration to philosophical discussion. There are retreats with such facilities as saunas, jacuzzis, spas and beauty treatments. These facilities also offer fine dining as well as other extras. On the other hand there are places that are run along more simple lines.

Costa Rica is an area that is popular for gay and bi-sexual retreats and many travel operators offer gay friendly accommodation. Costa Rica has a bit of everything. From restaurants and discos to the beauty of rainforests, volcano’s and endless beaches. It is also particularly suited to deep sea fishing.Costa Rica is a surfers paradise and for those who are a little rusty there are lessons you can take.

For something a bit different you might want to try the Dhanakosa retreat. The retreat is situated in the stunning Scottish highlands and is run by Buddhist monks. The retreat is based on the idea that irrelevant of race, gender or sexual orientation everyone can find spiritual fulfillment. Weekends specifically for gay men are run. These are based on the Buddhist path of ethics, meditation and wisdom.

There are times in every ones life where we could all do with refreshing and relaxing our bodies and minds. As a gay person you may have recently experienced the difficult phase of ‘coming out’ and feel that you particularly need some time out of your life to get some perspective. With retreats offering every thing from deep sea fishing to erotic exploration you are bound to find gay retreats that suit you.

Howie Holben gay journeys and gay retreats opinion. He is the the force behind Spirit Journeys, a gay tours group. Spirit Journeys suggests spiritual gay vacations all over the planet.