The reasons why numbers of cross dressing husbands are on the increase ?

by Val Marks

french maids and lingerie

French Maids And Lingerie

To begin with it is significant to note, that sexual fulfillment is not the main reason why there is a growing number of crossdressers who like dressing as women. However, for those that do like dressing as a member of the opposite sex they do get a sexual gratification out of it, and why might this be you ask?

The answer is reasonably straightforward one, and can be much simpler than you may imagine. You can look upon, and try to understand, your partner wanting to express their feminine side through factors in their growing up from a child. You may see that men also find fetish a big sexual turn on and like to dress and imagine themselves as the member of the opposite sex.

Most men get turned on looking at women in their sexy underwear, then imagining and seeing themselves in the same undies which can for them realistically have the same effect. It may well be be a case of looking in the mirror and perceiving themselves as a hot chick in her underwear or exchanging their thought pattern in imagining that those clothes were actually on a hot chick as opposed to them.

Men have been condition by the press and media to get aroused at seeing women’s sexy lingerie and underwear for ages, and that includes when they are on the rack in a shop, in a woman’s trolley, hearing a woman talking about her undies to seeing her in them. Anyone of those things will get a man excited, and it is really not such a big jump to accept that, seeing those undies on themselves, feeling the pleasent and new sensations of textures and thinking of a sexual situation with a women and therefore also getting excited as a result – is so bizarre? The answer is definitely NOT and it is a reason that a lot of men like to dress in womens underwear and then go onto wearing clothes, dresses, shoes, cosmetics etc.

Many men while not have the need to go the whole way and crossdress fully or at least not in public but will at some point think about the idea of trying on a woman’s underwear at least. The feeling of that soft sensitive silky fabric against such sensitive and responsive regions combined with the male thought process and the imagery of a women wearing those knickers is bound to arouse them and increases the pleasure factors!!

Not so unusual i guess, is this acceptable and then why should i worry?

Just as men like to crossdress the other side of the coin is that women also do this without any social implications or even a thought. Most women from time to time like to appear more masculine – ‘butch up’ in jeans, men may want to convey their feminine side which some do have and take on what they see as a more relaxed situation. They may only feel properly able to do this when fully crossdressed and engaged in a feminine role as opposed to just wearing womens lingerie.
It can be concluded that one of the many reasons why crossdressing husbands are on the increase is really the factors of defeminization of a growing number of women and the fact that men do have very good imagination when it comes to themselves or their partners wearing sexy underw