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Welcome To The Cross Dressing Guide Of Our Transvestite and Crossdressing Website.
This Crossdressing Guide Aimed At The Crossdresser And Transvestite Has Been Designed To
Offer Techniques To Help You Learn To Pass Easily As A Woman In 2010.



Cross Dressing Guide

Learn To Pass As A Woman

"Do You Want To Pass as a
Real Woman ...
Then Look No Further???

cross dressing guide - learn how to pass as a genetic female today

Learn how to crossdress convincingly
-- pass as a genetic female --
from the most comprehensive feminization guide on the web

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You'll get over 170 pages with the exact information you need to
create your own perfect feminine image.
... Learn to pass as a women with this cross dressing guide...


Being transgendered in today's world is growing more and more acceptable and for us lucky girls there is a whole new world opening up to us to express our true femininity and sexuality. Part of this is to be able to cross dress in a way which is passable and acceptable to the world we live. Having a new hairdo at your local salon or having a transvestite makeover or buying some great clothes at a local shop or online where the staff understand our needs and are transgender friendly.



Millions of people now like to cross dress and they want to learn how to do it properly so they can step into the other gender role, this includes dressing for the occasion having the skills to create the illusion from a very good male female makeover, or they want to learn voice feminization techniques and all of which helps to allow a smooth transition with very little heartache because we can blend in nicely to our everyday lives as a passable and accepted member of the female gender role. There are also those of us who wish to dress to kill, so to speak, and want to take the extreme makeup and clothes route and this would tend to steer toward the drag makeover person - we all have our special desires when it comes to male to female makeup makeover needs.


It is worth noting that clothing that can look great on a woman does NOT always look great on a transgender, transvestite, or cross dresser so please be aware of this and find transvestite clothing that makes you passable as a woman or doesn't make you look to big, wide or tall. As a man who wished to cross dress as a women and create the ultimate illusion of being a female or if you wish to be a woman (transsexual) then you will need to learn and master the art of a transvestite makeover. The art of the makeup makeover is to learn how to apply makeup, how much to apply and what makeup products to use to best suit the male skin types. Again, all skin types vary so it is a good idea to get some professional advice from a makeup artist or a good makeup makeover book or cross dressing guide.


There are a few brilliant makeup guides which have been written by experienced transgender and cross dressers specifically for us and they are worth buying as a good transvestite makeover is the no.1 starting point for being able to pass as a female. Note: There are a few really great makeup products for transgender people, and a lot of transvestites do use a makeup range called 'Dermablend by Vichy' which to me could be classed as a miracle product and one which I would not personally be without.


It is good to understand that learning to cross dress the correct way will take you on an enjoyable and lifelong journey and be one of discovery to your true inner self. However, when you first start out it can be common that you will be nervous or even over keen to dress in some outrageous clothes, shoes and makeup but you should bear in mind that not everyone will accept the way you look, at least not to start with, and you should be prepared for how others will react to you and if you are prepared for this then it will make it much easier to deal with the knock backs - don't let anybody or anything put you off your dreams or ambitions as a transgender person.  

When you're ready to crossdress, what you need is a resource that doesn't just give you copies of the same old information everyone else has. You need real crossdressing tips and sound advice, so you can figure out how to:

Create smooth porcelain-like skin by using skin products and cosmetics that suit your own skin type.

Make up your own face by understanding that different kinds of faces need different methods. You'll learn male to female makeovers before and after. Smell like a real woman by using real female pheromones. Don't let masculine sweat odor blow your cover. This will greatly enhance your feminine appearance.

Create your own cleavage with my detailed step by step instructions.
You want to look fertile in order to enhance your feminine appearance. Hide your ugly bulge even when you are in a revealing bathing suit.
You want your "genital area" to look smooth and flat.

Learn to dress as a female by knowing different styles of dresses, fashion tips and types of feminine garments. Being a female is so much more than just putting on a wig, a dress and a pair of high heels. You want admiring glances and compliments instead of rousing laughter.

Behave as a woman using the techniques that will make you ultra-feminine just like a genetic woman. You don't want to come off like a biker when walking up and down the stairs, do you? Walk like a REAL LADY using the feminine movements that will make you appear just like a fashion model. Never again will your masculine movements blow your cover.

Avoid common mistakes many crossdressers make which always make them look silly. Get an idea of how much money sex changes cost, the effect of natural estrogen and estrogen alternatives.


How to be super glamorous
-- Envy those Las Vegas showgirls? Now you can be one of them by learning my male to female makeovers. You don't want to be just another crossdresser, you want to be seen as a real woman!

How to do you own fantasy makeover -- We cover how to do make your face to look like a normal woman. This will teach you to look like a Pamela Anderson!

How to make your new self into a sex goddess --
What to wear to look like that teenage slut that you've always had fantasies about.

PLUS: How to find your own Female Voice!

I realize male to female feminization is an art, so I combed through all of my research notebooks in this cross dressing guide so you could have the most in-depth crossdressing information available anywhere. This is something you just can't get from those free transgender & transsexual sites!

You too can enjoy the feminine lifestyle and acceptance that I and others have discovered by using the right feminization techniques.

Why work your butt off experimenting with bad information for small returns, when you can become the ultimate foxy lady you've always dreamed of being...in only seven days? A small investment today saves you from all of that frustration from having to figure out everything on your own!  


... Know the tools you need...

There are a lot of feminization products out there that can help you to achieve the feminine appearance that you need when you crossdress. I have put together a huge collection of information on the tools that have and have not worked for me and many other crossdressers out there.


Take a look at just a few of my favorites tools.


* Breast forms -- Where to buy and how to select the best breast forms that look natural on your body in order to achieve the best male to female breast transformation.


* Cache sex -- The thing that you use to hide your bulge even when you are in lingerie or an one-piece woman swimsuit.


* Waist cincher -- A popular product that has helped many crossdressers to achieve their hourglass figures.


* Hair remover -- What you need to remove your hair, inexpensive, quick and painless.


* Wigs -- Learn what kind of wigs that suits your persona and learn how to clean and maintain your wigs properly.


* Makeup kit -- Learn what makeup tools that work for you and learn how to apply them to your face like a professional makeup artist. This is very important when you are crossdressing.



The 6 Bonus Packs Include:

(1) Online & Offline Resources For The Transgendered

(2) Changing Your Identity Report

(3) How To Find Your Female Voice Handbook

(4) About Feminizing Hormonal Therapy

(5 & 6) New 2015 Bonuses



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Learn How To Pass As A Real Woman

The Ultimate Cross Dressing Guide


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