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Welcome To The Learn Voice Feminization Techniques Page Of Our Transvestite and Crossdressing Website. This Voice Feminization Program and Guide On 3 CD's Will Help You Develop Your Female Vocal Techniques That Will Enable You To Start Speaking With A Female Voice And Increase Pitch To Start Producing A More Feminine Speaking Tone. The "He To She" Voice Feminization Program Works In Just 60 Days.



"Learn Voice Feminization Techniques Guaranteed to Turn You From He to She in 60 Days"



Learn Voice Feminization Techniques


Leading Speech Pathologist Reveals How to Use Your Voice to Pass as a Woman in All Situations - Including on the Telephone!

Recently I was in a department store, when I spotted a beautiful woman browsing through the sales rack. She had her back to me, but I instantly suspected that she was a model. She had long, shapely legs, a beautiful figure, and dark hair tied into a braid.

“Wow, what a beauty,” I thought to myself as I turned towards the shoes. All of a sudden, I heard something that stopped me dead in my tracks ...

A deep male voice called out from the exact place she was standing, “Miss, could you tell me how much this skirt is?”

It sounded as if this beautiful woman had been invaded by a body snatcher! That's when it hit me ... “She” was actually a “he!”

As a speech pathologist, I am deeply attuned to people's voices. But it didn't take a Masters degree to realize that this gal's voice was no match to her feminine exterior. And I could tell by the shocked look on people's faces that everybody within earshot also knew her secret.

What a shame! She was perfect in every other way – from her long, dark hair and feminine figure to her beautifully coordinated outfit. Unfortunately, it was her VOICE that shattered the feminine illusion.

"I Pass as a Woman ...

Until I Open My Mouth."


If you're reading this right now, you can probably relate. I can't tell you how many times I've heard it before:

“I pass as a woman ... until I open my mouth.” now you to can

learn voice feminization techniques used by the most convincing CD/TV/TS.



Learn Voice Feminization Techniques


Kathe Perez and Lynn Skinner, Creators of
The "Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice" Program



I'm delighted to say that this program has helped hundreds of transgendered females transform their voices and now – for the first time ever – YOU can learn the secrets of voice feminization in this instantly downloadable, 166 minute audio program.

If you're like most transgendered females I know, you've spent a LOT of time, energy and money perfecting your feminine image. It's probably taken you years of practice to get your hair and makeup right and you've undoubtedly spent hundreds - maybe even thousands - of dollars on breast forms, wigs, and shoes.

Unfortunately, none of that matters the moment you are forced to speak. If you can't TALK like a woman, you're not going to pass. Period.

It's your VOICE that makes or breaks you as a woman.

But you probably already know that. Knowing you need to work on your voice isn't the problem – it's the “doing something about it” part that's so hard!

Voice feminization is one of the toughest parts of transitioning. Sadly, there are very few transgendered females with passable voices.

Even worse, there is so much BAD information floating around out there. Chances are, the voice feminization tactics you've been using until now are not working ...



Here is exactly what you get when you download your copy of the Fundamentals of Your Female Voice program today:

Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice 1:
Discover Your True Voice


The first audio in the Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice program creates the foundation for feminine communication. You'll learn how to find your best pitch and use feminine articulation, phrasing, and pacing to develop a natural female voice.

You'll learn:

  • A foolproof method for finding your ideal female pitch - no matter how deep your natural voice is.
  • How to avoid slipping into falsetto and why this is ESSENTIAL to sounding like a real woman.
  • The surprising effects your posture has on your voice ... and a quick fix that not only makes you sound more feminine, but look better, too.
  • A secret “sing/talk” technique that helps anchor feminine pitch into your body.
  • Easy ways to develop clear, crisp, feminine articulation (and let go of that masculine “mumbling” habit you probably didn't realize you had).
  • The critical role breathing plays in developing a passable female voice.
  • How something as simple as clearing your throat can sabotage your voice femininization efforts.

Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice 2:
Feminine Resonance


Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice II builds on the skills you learned in the first audio. As you know, achieving a passable female voice is about more than speaking in the correct pitch range. This audio reveals the secrets to achieving perfect feminine resonance.


We'll teach you:

  • The single most common voice mistake TG females make and how to avoid it.
  • How to go from having an “imitation” female voice to sounding like an authentic woman.
  • The critical connection between pitch and loudness ... and how to avoid falling into a deep voice when you need to speak up.
  • A simple “throat size adjustment” technique that gives you perfect feminine resonance.
  • How to move your voice from deep in your throat to the front of your face to instantly sound more feminine.
  • Warning signs that you are straining your voice and what to do about it. (This is crucial: unchecked voice strain can lead to the formation of nodules on the vocal cords.)
  • How to create feminine resonance without pinching your voice (a common blunder!).


Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice 3: Naturalizing Your Feminine Voice


The final audio in the Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice series will show you how to completely naturalize your feminine voice. You'll learn how to change the rhythm, flow, and inflection of your voice in order to express yourself as the woman that you are.

This audio will show you:

  • The specific vocal habits that identify you as male – even if you have perfect pitch and resonance.
  • The secret to sounding naturally feminine in real world conversations.
  • Fun and effective “yodel exercises” that help you develop greater fluidity in your feminine voice.
  • How to change the old speech and voice patterns that have been preventing you from passing ... until now.
  • How to adjust the pacing and phrasing of your speech to sound more feminine.
  • The correct way to use the “up-swing” and “down-swing” at the end of your sentences.
  • How developing your female persona speeds up voice transformation.


learn voice feminization - 60 day guarantee assured



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