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You Have Arrived At The Transgender, Crossdressing And Transvestite Makeup And Cosmetics Collection By Vichy Dermablend Web Page. We Show You How To Apply And Perfect The Art Of Transgender Crossdressers Makeup And Include A Range Of Miracle Makeup Products From Dermablend By Vichy To Help You Transform Your Look Into Absolute Beauty.





Transgender Makeup and Cosmetics Collection

A selection of specially picked cosmetics, makeup, foundation and skin cremes designed for crossdressing and transgender useage.


Transvestite Clothing and Makeup - Recommend Dermablend by Vichy


Great Makeup and Cosmetics @ Great Prices - Take a Look and Buy Today

transvestite makeup - dermablend by vichy special transgender MTF foundation


DermaBlend by Vichy -
Learn About This Miracle Foundation (Video)

dermablend by Vichy - Color Chart (Colour Swatch) dermablend by Vichy - Color Chart (Colour Swatch)


We would suggest ordering Dermablend by Vichy shade B34 or B56 (Beige)

(Click here for Colour Swatch) B56 will be suitable for most average skin colours.

This video outlines the advantages of this total coverage miracle foundation.
Dermablend is absolutely the best for covering the six o'clock shadows
of your chin, your nose areas and covers skin flaws.

!!! I would not be without this foundation under any circumstances !!!



View the range of Dermablend Cover Creme cosmetics here.




We hope you like this selection of makeup and other cosmetic products
(This makeup range, foundation, Dermablend by Vichy, powder, skin cremes are designed for transvestite, cross dresser, transgender skin types MTF - also for women). You can check out the entire range cosmetics from our transvestite clothing shop.




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transvestite makeup - dermablend by vichy special transgender MTF foundation  







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